Amethyst Jewelry



The name “amethyst” comes from a Greek word that means “not intoxicated” or “not drunken”, because the stone is believed to guard against different forms of intoxication or poison. For this reason, ancient Greek and Roman civilizations made drinking vessels from amethyst.

Amethyst also has metaphysical associations and uses. It is considered to be a healing stone. That is why soldiers once wore amethyst as an amulet. They believed it would quicken the body’s healing processes. It is also believed to cleanse a person from negative energy, purifying their energy body. Along the same lines, it is said that amethyst will heal the imbalance of sin. Even Leonardo Da Vinci wrote that amethyst will clear evil and quicken intelligence.

Healers use amethyst to cure headaches and insomnia amongst other things. Many healers actually wear amethyst jewelry set in silver, because it focuses their healing energy. Some suggest that it will give you pleasant dreams if you place the amethyst under your pillow.

Due to its calming associations, amethyst is also a favorite in home decorations. The geode form of amethyst is quite popular in home decoration, because the amethyst is believed to calm emotions after a fight and leave a peaceful energy within the home.