Chalcedony Jewelry


Chalcedony was considered sacred by Native Americans for its ability encourage brotherhood and good will.

In addition to nurturing brotherhood, chalcedony is used by some mothers to increase lactation. These aren’t the only uses for these healing stones. Chalcedony is one of many healing crystals that is believed to aid in telepathy. Metaphysical healers also use chalcedony for a wide array of illnesses such as: senility, dementia, aging eyes. It said to help gallbladders, bones, spleen, blood and circulatory system, making it quite a versatile healing stone. Chalcedony is an energy cleanser, and blue chalcedony is sometimes known as the “speaker’s stone”. This makes it great for actors and lawyers, because chalcedony is said to help speakers “measure their words”. It is said that the Roman orator Cicero wore blue chalcedony around his neck.