Moonstone Jewelry


There are more than one specimen of moonstone, but they are all feldspar minerals. Feldspars are rock forming minerals that make up 60% of Earth’s crust. The most common type of moonstone is from the adularia mineral. The moonstone is given its name because of the “glow” it appears to give off. The glow of the moonstone is caused by light diffraction, because moonstone is actually made up of layers of different feldspar minerals. The light bounces off of them and is scattered in different directions. The resulting glow phenomena is called adularescence, but people refer to it as “blue sheen”. Moonstone is also referred to as hecatolite.

Moonstone can be found in Australia, Mexico, Burma, Norway, Poland, the United States amongst a handful of other countries. Moonstone is the state gem for Florida.

Moonstone Uses and History

Moonstone has been admired and used for centuries. Its primary use is for moonstone jewelry. (See our moonstone necklaces, moonstone bracelets, moonstone earrings and moonstone rings.) Moonstone has also been used in abrasives or in glazes for ceramics.

Ancient Romans believed that moonstones were actual rays of moonlight that had hardened and associated moonstone with their lunar gods and goddesses as did the Greeks. Moonstone is also known as “the traveler’s stone” as traveler’s carry it with them for protection. It may also be called this, because some varieties are associated with shamanic travel through unseen realms.

Moonstone Meaning:

There are various types of moonstone, and each of them is associated with different moonstone metaphysical properties:

  • Gray Moonstone - This moonstone is associated with the new moon and is considered to be the stone of shamanic travel. It is useful for seeing the unseen.

  • Blue Moonstone or Cat’s Eye Moonstone - This variety of moonstone is said to promote focus, clarity, inner vision, and awareness of your own patterns.

  • White Moonstone - This moonstone is associated with psychic seeing like visions or dreaming. It is also said to be a magnifier of kundalini in women. It helps men balance their emotion, and helps children to sleep peacefully.

  • Yellow or Peach Moonstone -- This moonstone is considered to be very calming, helping with worry or anxiety. It brings peace. It is of great benefit to sensitives or intuitives. It is also said to help people who are depressed or worried about being overweight; it will help separate food and emotions.

  • Rainbow Moonstone - The rainbow moonstone is believed to connect with all the spirits of nature and be able to reflect them while deflecting negativity.

  • Black Moonstone

All moonstones are associated with love, eroticism, and sharing. This healing crystal is also associated with fertility. It is said that wearing a moonstone will attract your soulmate. Moonstones are also considered chakra stones. They are associated with the crown chakra and believed to purge negativity from the chakras while balancing and nourishing the physical, spiritual and ethereal bodies. Moonstone is the birthstone for June and is associated with the western zodiac sign of Cancer.